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How it works

How it works - The Complete Guide to Listing on the Marketplace

Congrats on making it here! With over 15,000 visitors a month we have the largest amount of Suitsupply enthusiasts on the web!

Ready to free up some cash and sell your item? Great! Lets get you started:

1. Sign up for an account with us and make sure you are logged in. To make things QUICK and EASY we have also enabled GOOGLE LOGINS.

2.  Click "Sell An Item" from the Main Menu or "Add New Listing" from the main area of the marketplace.

3. Under "Select Category" choose which BRAND you would like to sell. For example, Tagliatore, Pini Parma, etc etc

4. Under "Select Subcategory"  choose which type of item you want to sell.

5. Now you will have reached the main listing page. Go ahead and enter the listing title. This should contain such information as to what FIT the item is, COLOR and FABRIC COMPOSITION.

Suitsupply Fits in order From Slimmest to Regular - Washington, Lazio/La Spalla, Havana/Jort, Sienna, Napoli

6. Price - Enter the AMOUNT you would like to have for your item.  Once someone places an order, you'll receive this amount in your BANK ACCOUNT minus the the marketplace fee of 15% and a small payment processing fee.

7. Shipping - Enter the amount you would like to charge the buyer for shipping their item. If you would like to offer FREE SHIPPING (Which is GREAT), then leave this amount blank, Pickup is normally left blank unless you'd like to offer the buyer to pick the item from you personally.

8. Detailed Description - Here you can write all the additional important information you would like your buyer to know. Best practices here are to write about how new or used an item is, if it was worn at all or if it has any alterations done and what the current size is. Finally, you should write about all the features the item has... whether it be single pleat, double pleat, side adjusters, large cuffs on the trousers, butterfly lining on the jacket.... let the buyer know what the benefits are!!!

RECOMMENDED measurements for QUICK SALES of Suits/Jackets/Pants

-Shoulder Hem to Shoulder Hem (Shoulder Width)
-Bottom of Collar to Bottom of Jacket (Jacket Length)
-Shoulder Hem to Cuff of Sleeve (Sleeve Length)
-Armpit to Armpit (Chest)
-Across the Second Jacket button (Stomach)

-Pant Waist from End to End Laying Flat on a Surface (Waist)
-Crotch to Bottom of Pant (Inseam)

These measurements are not mandatory but gives the buyer confidence that the item they are purchasing will fit correctly.

9. Condition - Select if your item is New with tags or unworn or Used

10. Waist Size - Waist Size is MANDATORY since its the most often question asked when buying a SUIT.

11. Expiration Date - Enter the Date you want your listing to end. This keeps listings on the marketplace fresh and current.

12. Location - This is to show a buyer the area of the world you are located in so they can calculate if there will be any customs fees upon purchasing.

13. Upload the best quality pictures you can take of your item. Pictures under light cloud cover (Filtering the light) will always come out the best. Remember the more accurate the photos the faster the item will sell!

14. Finally... POST your listing and get that item sold!